Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard Supplement

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey Protein contains 24 grams of protein, only 2-3 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of fat and minimal lactose, the choice of brand is clear, now to decide what flavor and size! Optimum's 100% Whey Protein comes in 1, 2 and 5 pound containers and is available in Double Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry and Vanilla.

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"Ah yes, the famous ON 100% Whey. I've tried many different protein powders, so my review is not that of some supplement newbie who has just snatched this up and declared its supremacy over the wheys untested. With that being said...

Taste - I've tried all the basic flavors. Vanilla Ice Cream tasted like complete and utter crap. Rocky Road was decent and had a nice texture. Strawberry was actually quite good, probably the best of the lot which I've tried. Chocolate was nothing out of the ordinary.

I'll give credit where credit is due here. ON has an amazing variety of flavors available (see www.bodybuilding.com). I'd say ON rivals Cytosport's Muscle Milk as far as flavor variety goes. The variety alone gives this a higher score in the 'taste' category.

Ease of Mixing - This behaves as you would come to expect from a protein based primarily off of isolate. No worries about clumping or anything of that sort here. Milk and water solubility are both good.

Value - Once hailed as the king of budget proteins, ON Whey has plummeted to the Nitrotech value level. In addition to the most recent price hikes due to increased raw cost, ON also has further price hikes planned to take full advantage of their tremendous following. Yes, this makes sense from a business standpoint, but it is an insult to the same budget-minded consumers responsible for the great success of this product.

On a positive note, ON is a solid company quality-wise, and will likely continue with its high quality standards. This protein also has a very good nutrition profile.

In summary, this protein is simply not worth buying given its relatively poor value. The variety of flavors is certainly tantalizing, but a little more money will also buy you a quality pure isolate. Just like any supplement, it's important to ignore the hype and actually analyze the value of the product."

Posted on www.SubstanceReviews.com

"ON Whey protien is one of the top protien powders out on the market today. I have used and am currently using the Double Rich Chocolate. If you like chocolate flavors shakes, then this product is the one for you to use. If you mix it in a bleder with water, it tastes ok to good. Its almost like a watered gdown chocolate shake. If you mix it witha blender with milk, then it tastes exactly like chocolate milk, or a chocolate shake depending on the thickness of the mixture. I bring up using a blender because I found that it is pretty clumpy if you use a spoon to mix. You can also add in your favorite fruit or some peanut butter for additional protien.

ON Whey protien is pretty cheap depending on where you go. I usually go to Bigcrumbs.com and look to see what type of rebate I can get when I purchase my supplements. Here is a link for Big Crumbs www.bigcrumbs.com/crumbs/landing.do?r=doquendo&s=6059. I never buy at a physical store unless I need it right away.

For those of us that are Lactose Intollerant at any level, I havent had any issues with taking this powder in milk or water. Not even a sign of gassiness or softer stools. Try it at first, and if your stomach doesnt feel right, go buy some lactaid chewable tablets before you down your protien shake.

I think ON Protien stacked with a creatine supplement will help with your of adding mass as well as just giving you some extra protien in your diet. I highly recommend ON Whey Protien for anyone who is looking for a great protien powder with excellent taste and a great value for the product."

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"How to not review this Whey protein, basically the most popular one who almost every one has take it before. I remember those days when ON Whey was a cheap common brand like any other but from nothing, Optimum jumped to be one of the best and won the BB.com Best Protein title and that gave it some edge, now Optimum must be a staple.

Mixability: 10/10 I never had ANY problem with mixability, its one of the few Whey proteins that i can mix as said in the label, with a spoon and glass and just stir it. Consistency its liquid due to the fact that there is Isolate as primary rather than any other kind of protein.

Ingredient Profile: 10/10 For a Whey blend, its the best i\'ve seen, its low carb with 24g of protein, which is a high amount taking in fact that its an Isolate-Concentrate blend, with only 120 cals aprox.

Taste: 8/10 Almost all their flavors are good, maybe there are some that arent such good as others but all are decent. My favorite by far is Rocky Road, a bit sweet for many.

Price: 9/10 All whey prices gone up, there\'s nothing that we can do about it, so taking care about all the prices at the moment, the one with ON its one of the best because of its quality ingredient profile.

Highly recommend it, a staple Whey protein, for whether cutting or bulking or just to reach protein daily intake."

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